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Conscious Coffee Blend


The Bean

What makes our coffee blend so special you ask? It starts with the bean! Our coffee beans are sourced from a farm in Venezuela where they are roasted slowly, in small batches and under low heat. The process in which they roast these magic beans naturally lowers the acid levels by more than 70% and increase the antioxidant levels, by 8 times more than green tea and 5 times more than leading coffee brands! Some people drink coffee to wake up in the morning or to keep them up during long life hours .. and some people, like me, drink coffee simply because they enjoy it. What most people don't know are the pros and cons of drinking this magic bean water. Lets go ahead and get the negative nancy stuff out of the way first ... Yes, coffee CAN BE very acidic which can cause stomach and/or skin problems, the caffeine can cause restlessness, and it can stain your teeth & possibly raise your blood pressure .. BUUUT, theres a brighter side! Coffee also contains antioxidants, vitamins & minerals that are like little warriors fighting off free radicals in your body. It boosts your mood, increases brain functionality & helps you burn fat. Studies have shown coffee responsible in part to reducing the chances of developing such things as type 2 diabetes, skin cancer & liver disease linked to alcohol consumption. Its also been shown to reduce stress and depression. Needless to say, coffee's bad rep can be put to rest! Drinking coffee excessively obviously isn't a great idea .. just like drinking too much water can drowned ya, BUT we've made drinking coffee even more beneficial for your mind, body & spirit. So brew, sip & enjoy!

The magic

Finding a healthier, less acidic coffee bean was only half the plan. The rest of the magic comes in when we add some of natures most reputable spices to not only boost the flavor, but up the ante with more health benefits and healing properties to counteract the negative side effects that regular coffee may bring! We chose to spice it up with cardamom, cacao, cinnamon & ginger. All raw organic and ground fresh in small batches. These spices all have an incredible amount of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.  Cardamom is native to the Indian subcontinent and has been used for centuries for its healing powers and is one of the key ingredients used in the practice of Ayurveda. It is loaded with essential oils and minerals, contains cancer fighting compounds, improves blood circulation, helps control cholesterol, improves kidney health and in our coffee blend it helps neutralize the stimulating effects of caffeine. Cacao beans have the highest antioxidant value of all the natural foods in the world. So if the coffee beans we chose weren't antioxidant enough for you, here's more! It is packed with magnesium which promotes a healthy heart and brain, has the highest plant based source of iron and has more calcium than cows milk. Moo! Cinnamon is anti-inflammatory & antioxidant and also helps reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Last but not least, ginger! Ginger is one of the most ancient and most popular spices worldwide and no wonder why .. it helps strengthen your immune system, bone health & digestion as well as improving respiratory conditions and even enhancing sexual activity! Imagine all these powerful things flowing through your body on a daily basis .. it's a no brainer!




Mother Nature Nectar


Mother Nature Nectar

Our signature coffee blend has its' own hint of natural sweeteners, so if you like your coffee black you're good to go .. but if you like your coffee with a little suga, we've got your back! Our Mother Nature Nectar is 100% blue agave infused with CBD. Sweeten up your cup & get a dose of CBD healing! This natural, low glycemic sweetener is vegan, gluten free & extremely delicious ..

Not just for coffee ..

Agave Nectar is a great additive to a lot of recipes outside of coffee and tea. And now, an even greater additive knowing you are getting all the benefits of CBD along with it! Add it in your smoothie, drizzle it over your pancakes, infuse your cocktails, create sauces or put a twist on your favorite baked treats! Agave is about 40% sweeter than regular sugar so a little goes a long way. Get creative with your new Mother Nature Nectar & enjoy every sweet second! 



The Science of Life


    Ayurveda is one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health systems developed thousands of years before modern medicine provided scientific evidence for the connection of our mind & body. Ayurveda offers a body of wisdom designed to help people stay vibrant and healthy while realizing their full human potential. By utilizing the power of nature, energy & our body, we can maintain our best self!

    Ayurveda is a personalized approach to health, and knowing your mind-body type allows you to make optimal choices about diet, exercise, supplements, and all other aspects of your lifestyle. The two main guiding principles of Ayurveda are 1) the mind and the body are inextricably connected, and 2) nothing has more power to heal and transform the body than the mind. Freedom from illness depends upon expanding our own awareness, bringing it into balance, and then extending that balance to the body. Meditation is probably the most common and powerful of all Ayurveda practices. The mind and body effortlessly work together to enter a state of expanded awareness and restore balance. 

    Some of the key aspects in practicing Ayurveda are eating colorfully & flavorfully, get abundant restful sleep, live in tune with nature, exercise & tune into your body, strengthen your digestive power, and take it easy! All of these things help create and maintain balance in your mind, body & spirit. Its quite simple to introduce these practices into your lifestyle if you are conscious of them every day. 

    We practice Ayurveda daily and are always striving to be the best most balanced version of ourselves. We created our coffee blend, Vedaroma, as another step towards health and wellness for ourselves and everyone around us. We use ancient healing spices and quality low acidic coffee beans to provide a more conscious way for coffee lovers to enjoy their magic bean water with every sip!