How to use your flower food

There are so many unique ways to use your Flower Food and so many health benefits you can absorb! We encourage your creativity and love to see what and how you decide to enhance life with the magic of Flower Food! 

submit photos and a description of your favorite flower food regimen and be featured on our blog!


DIY face & body

Coco Loco is a great additive to face masks, body scrubs, baths & massages! Because of its emollient nature, Coconut oil will leave your skin soft and supple. On top of that .. the vitamins, minerals, proteins & fatty acids found in CBD will bring balance back to both dry and oily skin. Lets not forget the anti-bacterial properties in coconut oil, and the anti-inflammatory properties in CBD that will leave your skin cleansed and super relaxed!

You can easily create your own face mask or scrub at home. You can also apply directly to areas affected by psoriasis, eczema, acne, inflammation or pain for efficient relief!    


Our Rosemary Garlic CBD Infused Olive Oil is packed with flavor and healing. Rosemary & Garlic are a great flavor additives to any savory dish such as fish, meats, saute´d veggies, rice, caserols & the list goes on. Just drizzle a few droppers full into your favorite dish and voila! Use generously to taste keeping in mind that your body is metabolizing the CBD properties along with all that yummy food you just made! 




Sweet tooth? Stop feeling bad about craving such delicious things .. just add some of our Healing Honey or Mother Nature Nectar to absorb some magic while you indulge! Their mild flavor can be effortlessly added to your coffee, tea, smoothies or sweet treats. Add to syrup or frostings, bake into waffles or cookies, or drizzle onto your favorite slice of pie! Yummmmm

Chocolate & coffee!

What a magical pairing! Simply melt down some of your favorite chocolate in a small sauce pan while stirring in a dropper or two of Coco Loco. Dip the rim of your coffee cup in the chocolately goodness & sprinkle with crushed nuts, almonds, candy canes .. you name it! Fill your cup up with our signature Vedaroma coffee blend, stir in the remaining chocolate, a little milk of your choice and a touch of Agave to sweeten it up and BAM!